Use These Devices When You Visit A Break Room

If you need to get some aggression out in a constructive manner, visiting a break room in your area can be cathartic. A break room is an enclosed environment that allows you to destroy all sorts of items — and likely feel better in the process. While you can break some things such as glasses by simply throwing them on the ground, break rooms also allow you to use various devices. The exact devices that are available can vary depending on which venue you visit, but here are three things that are common.

Baseball Bat

A baseball bat is perhaps the most common device that is available to use in a break room. You might have swung one of these bats countless times as a youth, but it's a completely different experience to swing it at an object other than a baseball. For example, you can line up glasses on a table and take a mighty swing at each of them with a bat. You can even toss things up and hit them with the bat, similar to how you may have tossed baseballs into the air and hit them as a kid.


It's also common to find sledgehammers available in break rooms. This device is heavier than a baseball bat, which makes it a little more challenging to swing. However, the extra weight can allow you to leave dents in objects that could be difficult to damage to your satisfaction with a baseball bat. Break rooms often have computer components such as printers available to break. If you've ever been frustrated by a printer not printing your document, it's a satisfying feeling to raise a heavy sledgehammer above the printer and pound it with all your might.


While you'll have fun swinging a baseball bat and sledgehammer, the break room may have devices that you can use in other ways. A common example is a crowbar. While you can certainly swing the crowbar to do some damage, this tool is useful for prying things apart. Depending on what items are on hand for you to destroy, you may have ample opportunities to use the crowbar. For example, you can stick the pointed end of this tool into the opening of a printer and pry upward, causing the printer to crack. Visit a local break room's website to learn about what other devices are available for you to use during your visit.