Outdoor Learning Activities That Will Improve Your Toddler's Gross And Fine Motor Skills

Gross and fine motor skills are fundamental to a child's development. If your toddler is inquisitive and tends to enjoy spending time outdoors, implement some age-appropriate learning activities into their routine. All children develop at their own pace, and you can modify any of the appropriate learning activities if your youngster has difficulty completing one in entirety.

Cause And Effect

Fill a small bucket and a watering can with water. Provide your child with a sponge and allow them to dip the sponge into the water. Afterward, instruct them to 'clean' items outdoors. The front porch steps, a toddler bike, or a strip of vinyl siding that is on your home's exterior are some things you can instruct your child to wipe down.

In addition, allow your youngster to pour water onto the patio or deck that adjoins your home. During the event, your toddler will be presented with the challenge of controlling the sponge; they will also be learning about what happens to an item's appearance after it comes into contact with water.

Collection Time

Head outdoors in search of leaves. Walk around your yard and point out some leaves to your child. Pick up a few of them and state the color and shape of each specimen. Encourage your child to touch the leaves and feel the texture of them.

Provide your child with a small basket and instruct your toddler to pick up leaves and place them inside of the container. During this exercise, your child will need to bend down, maintain their balance, and grasp the leaves between their fingers. Once the basket is filled, remove the leaves from the basket and count the leaves.

Shadow Puppets

Purchase a pop-up tent and set it up in your yard. Invite your child to sit inside the tent with you, either during the daytime or right before the sun sets. If you choose to sit inside the tent right before it gets dark outside, bring a flashlight along with you. Use the sunlight or the artificial light to assist with projecting hand shadows across the interior walls of the tent.

Use your hands to create birds, butterflies, dogs, or any other type of creature that you can come up with. Afterward, encourage your child to create some shadow puppets of their own. Tell them to describe each creature and interact with their creations. During this activity, your toddler will be using their creativity and will be practicing gross and fine motor skills.